Attend the WHOLE Conference February 18, 2018

Take charge of your life and take control of your health. Whole food, plant-based nutrition can help. Do you know that food can be more powerful than pills? Do you realize that by changing your lifestyle and diet, you can prevent and reverse many chronic diseases and common ailments?

During this one-day event, you will learn:

  • How not to die from our 15 leading causes of death in the U.S.,
  • How to prepare great tasting whole food plant-based cuisine,
  • How to prevent and treat autoimmune diseases with foods you can buy from the grocery store,
  • How traditional unhealthy comfort foods can be made to be health-promoting,
  • How to eat a whole food plant-based diet on less than $5 a day,
  • Why a whole food plant based diet is superior to a meat-based diet for strength and endurance,
  • What is the true paleo diet.  

Registration Includes

  • Light Breakfast at 7 am
  • Whole Food Plant-Based Lunch Provided by the Camarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • and much more…

Breakfast and lunch will be held adjacent to the venue at the Camarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church, 3975 E. Las Posas Road, Camarillo, CA 93010.

Join us on February 18, 2018
8 am to 4:30 pm


Learn about the benefits of a whole food plant-based lifestyle from renowned doctors and chefs.  


Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Brooke Goldner

Dr. Brooke Goldner

Brenda Davis, RD

Davis, RD

Thomas Tadlock, MS

Tadlock, MS

Emma Roche


Our Mission

Through education, we want to inspire, motivate and lead people to action in changing or improving their individual health through a whole food, plant-based eating approach.